Project Snapshot:

Executive Development Planning

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The CEO of a Fortune 100 national forest products company initiated an effort to help focus his executive team on individualized development. Specifically, the CEO mandated that all corporate officers create robust, action-oriented individual development plans.


Beeson Consulting designed and delivered a four-hour orientation and action planning session for corporate officers and Human Resources staff. The session included the introduction of a development planning "tool kit" that helped each executive transition from the identification of development needs to the selection of the highest-leverage development actions. HR professionals from across the company attended special sessions to be better equipped to support the initiative and drive the efforts to lower levels in their organizations.


All corporate officers attended the sessions and created individual development plans that were targeted to their unique needs. Beeson Consulting and the organization's HR staff provided one-on-one support to the officers to assist in the selection of the most impactful development action given the executive's particular needs. As a result, the organization increased its talent development capabilities at the highest level of the organization, enhanced the ability of its Human Resources professionals to play a more significant coaching and development role for senior leadership, and sent a strong message to all leaders about the importance of development at all levels.

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