Project Snapshot:

Executive Coaching and Team Development

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The largest operating group of a nationally-known financial services company had hired a new group president from another industry. A year after entering the company, the group president decided to initiate executive coaching for himself and several members of his team. The objective of the effort was two-fold: 1.) increase the leadership effectiveness of each executive and 2.) identify ways to increase the effectiveness of the executive team as a whole.


Beeson Consulting coached several executives simultaneously. Each executive received personal, confidential feedback about his/her leadership style and assistance in the creation of a personal development plan. Consultants provided one on one coaching for each executive for six months. Based on the executive's particular development needs, the consultant provided suggestions regarding management techniques designed to address specified developmental priorities, for example, delegation, cross-functional collaboration, and building a strong, cohesive management team.

In addition to the one on one coaching, Beeson Consulting advised the group president on a re-alignment of the executive team designed to capitalize on each individual's strengths.


The executive coaching allowed each individual to strengthen him/herself in the specified development areas. The new management team alignment allowed each individual to play a more impactful executive role. The resulting team re-alignment also included design of a new management team process (including team meetings, clarification of roles and responsibilities, and establishment of shared priorities performance metrics) intended to focus effort and drive team performance.

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