Project Snapshot:

Redesign of a World-Wide Sales Force

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A large energy services company with seven profit and loss centers had adopted a new strategy that emphasized organic growth as opposed to dependence on growth via acquisition. The company sought Beeson Consulting's assistance in the redesign of its sales force, which numbered more than 1100 across the globe. The stated goal of the redesign was to increase revenue by 10% while improving efficiency by 10%.


The redesign effort included data gathering to highlight the current sales process: analysis of types of sells, customer touch points, types of products, and the strategic relevance of all sales activities. Beeson Consulting led a series of senior management redesign sessions that included a process to logically group products and services according to the customer's perspective; the creation of a new organization structure; specification of management roles; identification of metrics; and presentation of recommendations to key senior executive stakeholders. The organization design recommendations were approved by senior management followed by detailed redesign at the work group level and development of an implementation plan for the launch of the new organization model.


Total cost savings exceeded 15%, which was significantly greater than the original target of 10%. The organization experienced double digit sales growth following the redesign and overall sales have continued to trend upwards.

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