Project Snapshot:

Building Executive Assessment Capabilities

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A global financial services company, a major division of a larger corporation, wanted to use internal staff to conduct executive assessments (similar to but less time-intensive than the corporately-sponsored process) to support succession planning and the development of future leaders.


Beeson Consulting designed a two-tiered executive assessment process geared to two different management levels. We then designed and implemented a two-day training program to equip selected HR professionals to lead assessments. The program included an in-depth review of tools, roles, and process and utilized a case study/role-play simulation. The program also included the involvement of experienced assessors to impart lessons learned.


The trained HR professionals have conducted numerous assessments using both processes. While many were new to the assessment process, their stakeholders reported that the newly-trained assessors delivered accurate and useful assessments with the assessors indicating that they felt well-equipped to carry out the process. To support the newly trained assessors, Beeson Consulting provided a follow-on/refresher session and one-on-one coaching/feedback during the initial assessments.